Introducing: The Boo-Tique!

I love Halloween. It’s by far my favorite holiday and the ultimate opportunity for creativity. If you’re any bit like me, the instant there’s a slight chill in the air, you know it’s time to start scoping for spooky items for your wardrobe. Well- I thought I’d do us all a favor and compile all of my Halloweenie finds into one followable source!

Boo-Tique – Plus Size Halloween Apparel & Accessories
Since this blog primarily focuses on plus size apparel (as I’m a plus size lady myself and know the struggle to truly find your style!) the majority of my finds will be geared to those sizes 14 & up. I’ll do my best to include clothing geared towards androgenous/masculine plus fit as well!

However- many of these items are avaliable in straight sizes, so no matter your size you may want to have a peek around! I have made an additional board for straight size and children’s apparel if that suits your fancy!

I’ll continue to update these boards as the season goes on (and let’s be honest- year round!) as I come across spooky, kitschy things. Many of these sites within the boards have even more than what I’ve pinned, so be sure to have a look around! I hope the Boo-Tique will amp up your fall style and get you ready for the best time of the year!

ps. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to use Ebates to earn cash back as you shop! It’s totally legit and I’ve earned back over $100 just by using it. No catch! Check them out!

Is this how I do the blogging thing?

Am I doing the Blogger thing right? Look at that momentum- it’s like I’m walking away and somehow managing to smile directly at the camera at the same time! Are you convinced? I would be if there wasn’t a hole in my leggings.
I thought about editing it out, but I suppose I’m more ~real~ by leaving it in.

I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for some time now. At this rate, I’m all over every dang social media platform, why not find yet another way to show you my face and crafts?

Nope wait, that’s definitely not it.

But in all seriousness- I’m excited to get to work on this blog. I’ve struggled all my life with being scatterbrained and overstimulated by my own ideas. But the timing of this just feels right. Maybe it’s because Fall is my favorite season. I feel the most inspired, clear headed and comfortable in Fall. It probably helps that all of the flora I’m super allergic to is beginning to die. Too dark? You Summer lovers can keep it. I feel like I can literally and figuratively breathe again.

Outfit. Yes. There it is. Again.

Breathability is actually what this outfit is all about. The weather can’t quite decide if it’s warm or cold, and this was the perfect balance for all that nonsense.

I wish this cardigan upon everyone who’s temperature sensitive. Like a comfortable plague. It’s light, drapey and breathable, but hooded and decently long. Can you believe it’s from the men’s department? At the very least, you’ve seen me 4 times now. I am not very mens-department shaped and this thing is perfect on me if I do say so. It even zips over my boobs AND hips. That’s downright unheard of in most women’s departments when you’re shaped like me. It’s easily one of my favorite layering pieces.

Headband: Forever21 via Mardens (similar)
Draped Jacket: H&M mens (similar)
Dress: Forever21+ (similar)
Belt: Thrifted (similar)
Earrings: Thrifted (similar)
Sunglasses: Thrifted (link)
Leggings: Torrid
Shoes: Reneeze via Zulily (referral link)
Cat Purse: Banned Apparel (link – avaliable in many colors!)

With a light, breathable legging to ward off the dreaded chub rub (or cold stems!) and a headband to keep my hair from sticking to my neck, this outfit perfectly comfy and cute. I ran a TON of errands in this and couldn’t have been more content.

You made it to the end. I’m proud of you. Guess that means this post is black and white and read all over. I’m out, CSI Miami style.